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About Us

Come and spend a wonderful weekend at Hattikulli Homestay, a happy drive from Bangalore. In serene and sylvan surroundings, close to nature and far from the crowds.

The Hattikulli Homestay will be an unique experience for your family and friends. The cottage was converted from green forests and Coffee Estates and is situated within the family's farm. The climate is just right – bright days with blue skies and moderately cold nights. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a quiet hill town.

This stay with us is ideal for families, especially with children. Others who enjoy nature and hiking will love this experience. It is a haven for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts; there are numerous species of birds in the farm itself. You can watch the seasonal migration of birds; nature photographers will love this place greeted by Peacocks, Flying Cats, Sambhars, Slender Loris, Bisons, Giant Malabar Squirrels, Draco(Flying Lizard), Grey jungle Fowl, Parakeets, Kingfishers, Bee-eaters and Wood-Peckers, Great Indian Hornbills, Grey Impreial Pigeons.


  • New Bungalow with 4 Rooms
  • Old House with 2 Rooms and 2 Dormitory
  • Camping Facility
  • Comfortable Room and living area
  • Trekking Trails
  • Lake
  • Bonfire and Dining Area



Vegeterian and Non-vegetarian homely food will be served


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For bookings and enquiries please feel free to call
Ruben @ 9449665792

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